08 September, 2017

Ah, the balls of Farsight

I know. I'm always complaining about FarSight while I should be recognising the fact that they are the only active digital pinball provider today. Be that as it may there are positive and negative things in what FarSight is doing and whenever I find something that irks me I cannot keep quiet. So, I am going to write once more about the balls of FarSight pinballs. Well, look for yourselves. On iOS some brain-damaged designer decided that the table was reflecting and so we have a reflection of the ball accompanying it. (Was it meant as a shadow? If this were the case things are even worse).

The funny thing is that this shadow-reflection is absent from the MacOS version of the table. Why, of why, did they have to do this?

On a more positive tone now, I recently stumbled upon the new fluorescent balls offered by FarSight. and I must say that I love them. There are 7 of them with various colours and for once the reflections of the table on the ball are absent. For a given table it is always easy to find a ball of suitable colour and thus most of the previous problems go away. Were it not for the stupid reflection. Come on FarSight. Drop the reflection and I will never complain about the ball visibility again.

01 September, 2017

World Champion Soccer by FarSight

We have by now reached a point where the only thing that happens in the digital pinball scene are the monthly releases by FarSight. As long as this lasts we'll have a fresh table every month (and I will have something to write about in this blog). So this month's table is World Champion Soccer (a pinball initially released as World Cup Soccer).

And it's a beauty. It's rare that I love a table so much at first sight. Champion Soccer did captivate me from the outset. The gameplay is very interesting and I find the generous scoring a very nice feature. There are plenty of things to do and the sheer pleasure of scoring a goal is unique. It does not take much to obtain a multiball and once you get there you can obtain easily high scores. Also I got to play the game with the new balls and this is definitely a plus. (I will be writing about the new balls offered by Farsight in my next post).

I don't know if this is due to the summer slow-down but I start being worried about the state of digital pinballs, be they iOS or MacOS. It's been months since something came out from a source different from FarSight. Is the end of digital pinball in sight?

08 August, 2017

The blog is five years old

Last year I was writing that I was really disappointed by the attendance levels of the blog. It started with 3000 the first year, jumped to 10000 on the second, then to 19000 on the third only to fall down to 25500 on the fourth year. And the downturn continues. This year we are reaching a total of 32000: this is 6500 over this year's period on par with the disappointing 6500 of last year.

What does that mean? I think that the message is clear. Nobody (well, almost) cares about digital pinballs. So, the number of developers who can make a living out of digital pinballs is shrinking. The day FarSight goes, the whole business is dead and the only thing to do will be to let the blog die. In the meantime it stays on under life-support meaning that I will publish whenever something new appears and will not push it. I was thinking about writing about the crappy pinballs that plague the AppStore, about writing something a bit more technical from time to time, but what is the point. With fewer than one visit per hour this is not worth the effort. 

So the blog continues, be it only as a repository of the digital pinballs available for MacOS and iOS, be it only for the few friends who follow it loyally (and to which I am deeply indebted).